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Top 5 Reasons to Employ Compassionate Practices in Your School or Business

  1. The Trauma-Informed Lens. Awareness that everyone is carrying an invisible backpack full of their own hurtful experiences from childhood shapes the way we see and interact with each other for the better. It's been said that everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, but knowledge of the impact of those battles on development and health are a real game-changer.

  2. Fewer absences. Administrators who extend unconditional positive regard to staff, network for mental health supports, and allow for hard conversations that break down systemic barriers find that their employees actually want to show up to work. This puts a major dent in the billions of annual dollars lost in the workforce due to Adverse Childhood Experiences. That's a double win.

  3. What's Predictable Is Preventable. When organizations are empowered with life-giving knowledge, that knowledge spreads into their homes and to the greater community. Awareness of childhood experiences impacting adulthood actually serves as the foundation for preventing trauma on a systemic level.

  4. What is Damaged in Relationships is Healed in Relationships. Healthy communication about basic needs as a priority serves to establish the trust that staff (and students, clients, or patients) need to move from surviving to thriving at every level.

  5. Staff Retention. A culture of empathy means that organizations enjoy less risk for re-traumatization. Staff that feels safe and supported are more likely to engage positively, reducing conflict and promoting an emotionally healthy work environment.

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