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Compassionate Practices FTW!


When I read an article praising the benefits of trauma-informed practices, it refreshes my soul. I hope you enjoy this quick 3 minute read as much as I do:

It shows me that all my time spent being a noise-making squeaky wheel was worth it. All the research, the emails, the advocacy, the hard conversations were needed. Let's be honest, it's easier not to look at the mess. Shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind.

I began this journey as a school counselor with a heart for real, positive, lasting systemic change for education in our state. My new endeavor was met with a global pandemic that left everyone in survival mode, to put it lightly.

It's been a challenge the past three years. I've cried many tears over the huge gaps in emotional support for educators and students. I've wanted to help all while knowing everyone was spending time and energy trying to just stay afloat, doing the best they could. Thankfully, schools and students mustered the strength and endured. Post-traumatic growth is a powerful thing. .

Through it all, I've been blessed to consult and partner with some amazing schools in the public, charter, and private realms who caught onto the idea that the trauma-informed lens could truly move their schools from surviving to thriving. Some even made space and prioritized meeting basic needs through Compassionate Practices training. I'm so thankful for the schools in the Pee Dee of SC and surrounding states that are already implementing or seeking to pursue trauma-informed practices at every level.

I look forward to the day I can share my own article about the positive impact made through partnerships here at home. To everyone who's team #CompassionatePractices,

I'm so grateful for you! Remember to schedule your school's Compassionate Practices PD @

Thank you!

Jamie Matthews

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