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Teacher Retention Amid The Pandemic

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Is your school struggling with teacher retention amid the pandemic?

That's because childhood adversity has a ripple effect. High poverty schools in general struggle with keeping good teachers, simply because they are not equipped with the tools they need to meet kids where they are in terms of readiness to learn from a trauma-informed standpoint. This causes serious burnout.

The pandemic only exacerbates the existing barriers to learning in all SES classes. Behaviors in kids are check engine lights. Let's be honest, this pandemic has set off some check engine lights in us all.

The answer? Provide your educators with best practices for healthy coping, meeting basic needs, and unconditional positive regard. It's the tune up classrooms need during this challenging time.

Kids who FEEL safe and loved BEHAVE better because they aren't stuck in fight or flight mode. That equals less time spent on discipline and more time learning.

That's a win for the kids. That's a win for teachers, who really just want to do what they love.... Teach.

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